imagesInternational festival of arts «World of sound II. Total integration». St Petersburg, 5 October – 30 November 2013.An international annual festival of arts “World of sound II. Total integration” will take place in St Petersburg on 5 October – 30 November 2013. It traditionally brings together the leading ensembles of the world, famous composers and artists , art/music historians and photographers. The festival is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation and the General Consulates of the participating countries.  WindowInternational symposium and festival «The Triumph of Russian Music – a Window to the World». Celebrating the 170-year anniversary of Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov. 21 – 23 March 2014, St Petersburg, Russia. 2014 is marked in St Petersburg by the celebration of the 170-year anniversary of Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov. This composer, whose name is included in all artistic chronicles of the city, is Petersburg’s musical symbol.
 4-27 April 2013, St Petersburg, Russia.Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Museum-apartment
The Center for New Technology in the Arts “Art-parkING” favour all organ-lovers with the Easter Festival “LUX ORGANUM”. During April 2013 one can enjoy true gems of organ craft, a collection of the best European masterpieces for the Organ.
MarshAudo-visual project «CHILDREN ALBUM – 135 years later». Charity concert.22 March 2013, Friday. 18.00
Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Museum-apartmentThis audio-visual project is a hommage to Pyotr Tchaikovsky and a long history of his cycle “Children album” which became a key part of s school education in Russia. 130 years later the Center “Art-parkING” introduces a new vision of this Album and presents new works of Russian composers. Performers: Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music (MCME); students of a Special musical school-lyceum at St Petersburg State Conservatory.
music-informatics-school«SCHOOL OF MUSIC CYBERNETICS»: The deadline for applications expires in March, 31. All, who are interested in the world industry of sound, who wants to use their technical skills in practice, increase knowledge in new sound technologies and experiment in this field are very welcome to join the St Petersburg school for professionals. Participants of this program will learn new ways of listening and perception of music, will try the results of research on practice (open performances with dance and life music). They will experience new strategies using newest experimental programs, developed especially for this course. Course will last for one year with summer and winter holidays. April 1st 2013 – the last chance to submit your paper for theKubokInternational Musicological Competitions
Interdisciplinary Studies in Music.
New Approaches, Methods and Conceptions.
In the contemporary world, interdisciplinary studies have become a major resource for knowledge transformation and development, facilitating the expansion of individual methodologies to other areas of expertise.The Competition is organized for two levels of participants: 1. Those who have a bachelor and masters degree (and equivalents); 2. Doctoral studies (and equivalents), postdoctoral level and all under the age of 35. Winners will have special prizes, travel grants and a chance to collaborate with International Art Institutions.
2 – 31 MARCH 2013. St Petersburg, Russia
Rimsky-Korsakov museum-apartment
28 Zagorodny prospect. Each piece of music has its own unique taste. To feel it means to approach the world of beauty. The Center for New Technology in the Arts “Art-parkING” invites you to escape from the endless bustle, step back from the daily issues, be comfortable and enjoy enchanting sound of the masterpieces from the jewel box of music.

Smolny21 March 2013. 13.00
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (58-60 Galernaya street, St Petersburg)

LECTURE. Author: Olga de Kort (Netherlands)
TITLE: After Sweelinck: Dutch music of 20th – early 21st centuries.
If you ask any dutch who is the most famous composer you will first get Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621). This name of an Amsterdam organ player of the early 17th century they usually start the history of Dutch music. His figure was so influential that there were no one who could compete with him. Only in 20th century public and musicians found a worth successor – Alphons Diepenbrock (1862-1921). It seemed enough of cultivation of a “Sweelinck complex”. Every new generation of 20th century composers introduced many different personalities, but was there among them a ‘new Sweelinck’? A lecture of a musicologist and music critic Olga de Kort is about Dutch music and musical culture of the late 19th – early 21st ceturies.

Maslenitsa_FebMuseum13Rimsky-Korsakov museum-apartment

17 March 2013. 17.00 


This project is about rituals and traditions in Russian culture. During four meeting children will learn some songs, games, craft work etc. The first meeting is about Shrovetide, widely celebrating in Russia. All people are invited to try pancakes, sweets, sing and dance in a ring. ENJOY THE HOLIDAY WITH US!

Aldeburgh Boat

Britain and British

Britain and the British in World Culture. Celebrating Benjamin Britten’s Centenary. International Conference

St. Petersburg, 31st October – 1st November 2013

The two-day international conference “Britain and the British in 20th Century Culture” will take place in St. Petersburg at the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire from 31st October to 1st November 2013. The conference is designed as a dialogue between musicology, art history and cultural history. A central theme will be how Britain and her people have been portrayed over the last century in various trends, spiritual movements and artistic styles, covering all kinds of arts, including music, literature, theatre, architecture, sculpture and cinematography. Deadline – 15th of June 2013.


26 February 2013. 18.30
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (58-60 Galernaya street, St Petersburg)

LECTURE. Authors: Natalya Klimova (Russia).
TITLE: Composer Alexander Izosimov – an inventor of a composer’s method “Breathe mode”.

During this lecture audience will have a chance to learn Izosimov’s compositions, talk to the author, discuss problems with Natalya Klimova, who will present her new book.

 Shostakovich and Weinberg26 March 2013. 18.30
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (58-60 Galernaya street, St Petersburg)

LECTURE. Authors: David Fanning (Great Britain), Michelle Assay (France)
TITLE: ‘Shostakovich and Weinberg: a Dialogue’.
In recent years the reputation of Mieczyslaw Weinberg has soared in the West, far more dramatically than in his adopted Russia or his native Poland, for a number of reasons that this lecture will consider. His entire musical output can now be studied, and much of it can now be heard in first-rate recordings. One by-product is the possibility to reassess his relationship with Shostakovich and to challenge the label of Shostakovich epigone.


CHILDREN ATELIER “ART-PARKING” The center for new technology in the arts “Art-parkING” invites you to join children atelier. Parents do not need anymore think where to send a child – to musical school or painting, theatre studio or language courses. We created a House of Arts. Lessons there are combining elements of theatre, music, painting. Your child will be able to learn how to sing, play musical instruments, speak different language musically, make first steps in photography or even make their own cartoon. Please contact +79045187545 for any question

9-24 February 2013. St Petersburg, Russia
Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Museum-apartment
The winter festival is about organ secrets of Europe, sound baroque labyrinth, junk shop and lute enchanting melodies. During the festival all guests will enjoy sound of very rare instruments such as mandolin, lute, baroque guitar, fidel, psalterium, tar, roman harp and hurdy gurdy.

3 – 12 January 2013. St Petersburg, Russia
Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Museum-apartment
Christmas holidays cannot be imagined without  the Organ festival beloved by citizens of St Petersburg. This tradition was continued by The Center “Art-parkING” which moved the Organ to the Rimsky-Korsakov Apartment-Museum.

Dear friends,the Center for New Technologies in the Arts “Art Parking” is nominated for the award “Foreign tourists Youth Policy” in the competition “MISSION”. Our Сenter was opened in the spring of 2012 and already in the fall we held a big international festival “World of Sound: Microtonal innovations” and established for the first time in Russia a new wave: micro-drive. Thanks to everyone who supported us and we expect new interesting meetings. Next year we will gladden you with both professional and amateur contests and festivals, summer schools, art weekends, courses and many others.
See you there! The competition is provided by the Russian social network system
January 10, 2013 the Center starts art workshops “Art-parkING atelier”. Hurry to sign up!Management in culture. Courses are designed for anyone interested in new strategies of cultural arts, for those who wants to become a part of the global cultural process, to organize festivals, exhibitions, to produce movies, to create a theatrical agency. During the course, students will work under leading managers of Russia and Europe. The course introduces the fundraising, business and non-profit organizations and governmental institutions.
Computer music. Computer music industry, new technologies in the creation of sound, experimental spaces – all these components are the part of the School of Music cybernetics. Here you will learn new ways of hearing and music perception, increase knowledge in computer music and will have an access to programs specially designed for the courses. Are you interested in sound art, jazz, new music, video art, animation, contemporary dance, gesture, dramatics, computer programming? – All of this is directly or indirectly associated with the new computer technologies for sound processing.
Immersion in the art A step towards art is your investment in the future. In a world where everything mechanizes, creativity is highly prized. The political and economic situation in the world is constantly changing. One builds new strategies rethinking priorities. In the great labour market only specialists who are able to think outside the box, to find an easy way out of difficult situations are valued. Immersion in the art is a combined course that includes lectures, seminars and workshops.Musical Instruments. Every year the value of people, who knows music, knows the art inside increases. Playing instruments skills are worth their weight in gold. This is the course where you can learn how to play instruments of different eras, from Baroque (mandolin, harpsichord), classic period (piano, strings, brass, organ) up to the present (the newest drum machines, electronic instruments, including synthesizers, Clavinova, Theremin, etc.). Special attention is paid to the voice – in the studio you can explore different vocal techniques and styles.I am a composer. To create your own music and to devote it to a dearest person – whether it is the best gift? During the course, each class you will produce a new work. Here we will learn to use computer programs, how to write for instruments and voice. Foundations of the musical theory go through the training. All you need is the desire to create.
December 9, Sunday, 21.00. Goeyvaerts String Trio
At “Skorokhod”, Moscow Avenue, 107, Bldg. 5 (m Moscow Gates)
Program: Swinnen, Paris, Paiberdin, Webern, Knaifel.15 years ago, Kristien ROELS, Kris MATTHYNSSENS, Pieter STAS (Belgium) united together in a Goeyvaerts string trio in order to perform music of 20 – 21st centuries. Later this team became one of the famous Belgian ensembles – authorities in the field of contemporary music.

 Vladimir Rannev’s opera “Two Acts” will premiere on November 1, 2012 in the Atrium of the General Staff building of the State Hermitage, as part of the Year of Germany in Russia 2012/2013, with libretto by notable Moscow conceptualist, Dmitry Prigov.The soloists- Natalia Pshenichnikova, Rainer Killius and Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson – are legendary names in the world of contemporary academic music. Vladimir Rannev will also fulfill the role of stage director, and has invited video-artists from the “AXE” theater, based in St. Petersburg, for collaboration, including Oleg Mihailov, Kiril Malovichko, and Georgy Mamatov.Information partner - Center for New Technology in the Arts “Art-parkING” 3 December 2012, Monday. 19.00. Invocations
Small hall of St Petersburg PhilarmoniaProgram: Furrer, Radvilovich, Murail, Cage, Rannev.
In the concert there will participate composers Beat Furrer (Switzerland), Alexander Radvilovich, Vladimir Rannev (Russia).Performers: Natalia Pschenichnikova *voice, MCME (Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music) – Ivan Bushuev, Oleg Tantsov, Mukhail Dubov, Vladislav Pesin, Oleg Vedernikov.
 On the 5th to 14th of October 2012 in St Petersburg the Center “Art-parkING” helds an International festival “World of sound. Microtonal innovations”5th of October 2012 – the day, when Art-parkING lunches a new wave – micro-drive. The Festival breaks sound frames and offers listeners to feel scarce perceptible microtones. Here different styles, genres and types of arts unite in one space. It is contemporary music in its variety (classic, live-electronic, folk and disco), new theater and dance.
Bye-Bye ballet, ensembles SCALA, MCME, Interface, NovinA, pianists Martine Joste and Nino Barkalaia, accordeon player Sergey Tchirkov, fagot player and composer Johnny Reinhard, singer Natalia Pschenitschnikova, group CNMRG and composer Klaus Lang.

From 1st to 5th October 2012 Moscow will host an international workshop conference entitled “The musical legacy in contemporary society”.  The conference, supported by the Russian Ministry of Culture, forms part of a celebratory programme dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of the Glinka national museum consortium of Musical Culture. This symbolic event will unite experts from various regions of Russia, as well as Belarus, United Kingdom, German, Italy, Norway, USA, Ukraine, France and Estonia. Musicians from various disciplines, from classical and folk to jazz and popular, as well as specialists in marketing, fundraising, jurisprudence, PR and branding, will all be brought together on a single discussion platform. .

6-8 October, 2012. Master-classes, lectures, presentations
October 6-8, 2012 in St. Petersburg as part of the International Festival “World of Sound. Microtonal Innovations” there is going to be master classes with composers Hanna Eimermacher and Klaus Lang, ensemble Interface and fagot player Johnny Reinhard. A dutch ensemble SCALA will present microtonal instruments, a musicologist and composer Pascale Criton will talk about her own works and music by Ivan Wyschnegradsky, different aspects of microtonality will be traced by Frank Jedrzejewski, José Luis Besada, Juuso Kunntu, Kenul Nasirova, Johnny Reinhard and Lidia Ader.

10th of September 2012, Monday. 7pm
Antony Bonamici Studio / 40 Rizhsky prospect, St Petersburg

Concert Menschen, Mythen, Tanze

On the 10th of September there will be held an exclusive event. In the Bonamici Studio there will be a concert by Olga Martynova, well known Moscow performer, soloist of the Baroque orchestra Pratum Integrum and world-class musician. The concert will involve a unique author copy of a French harpsichord of 1733. There will also be a small surprise – the presentation of a new instrument.

Good morning with Art-parkiING!On Sunday, June 10th, 2012, we invite you to spend your day in Strelna, away from city life and everyday hassle.The program of the day off: spectacular scenery, friendly atmosphere, the spirit of freedom and creativity.

Walking tour:
Rimsky-Korsakov in St Petersburg 
A 40-year history of St. Petersburg musical life is marked with Rimsky-Korsakov. Conservatory, Capella, Free Music School – these were the daily routes of the composer at the center of the city. We offer you to join us to the fascinating walking tour of the memorable addresses of Rimsky-Korsakov.

Summer residence
On June 1, 2012 “Art-parking” moves to its summer residence – Camping Baltic PARKing on the Gulf of Finland. This place is situated in immediate proximity of the Konstantinovsky Palace – the Palace of Congresses. Beautiful countryside, friendly atmosphere, the spirit of freedom and creativity encourage everyone to the new daring ideas.
Spend your summer vacations with the Center Art-parkING!
Art-weekends, creative workshops, intellectual forums, master-classes and more – all this will turn your weekends into a recreation on a nature, full of discoveries, positive emotions and energy.







Wednesday, 4th of July. 7pm.
The N. Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Apartment
28 Zagorody prospect, St Petersburg
MUSICA BRITANNICA: 100 years of British Music
Chamber music concerts
Cyril Scott,  Ralph Vaughan Williams, Edward Elgar 
Dmitry Kuzmin (tuba)
Mikhail Mischenko
Quartet “Mikhailovsky theater”


Gallery of children’s pictures «Art-parkING». We draw a parking place for the arts!

Where the music lives? What is a poetry house? Where dance should go? Where one can give a spot for a theater? Who would park an ART?!
We are waiting for answers to these questions in your artworks.From the April 21, 2012 we are collecting children pictures in order to exhibit them in a new Virtual Gallery «Art-parkING”.
Best works will be printed out and form an exhibition at the Rimsky-Korsakov museum-apartment in St Petersburg and other galleries.
Thursday, 19th of July. 7pm.
The N. Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Apartment
28 Zagorody prospect, St Petersburg
ITALIAN AND JAPAN MUSIC for mandoline and basso
Antonio Vivaldi, Raffaele Calace, Jiro Nakano, Takashi OchiKatsiarina Zabairachnaya (mandoline)
Nikita Yakovlev (basso) 
Сreative Marathon for Children «Art-parkING» is close to you! We will keep children’s hands warm…April 27 at 10:00 am a creative marathon for children “Art-parkING is close to you” started in St. Petersburg. A route to 5 child care centers of the city made a team of professional musicians. Halts for art began to children’s homes, boarding homes, and special education.At each Art-parking guys talked about the secrets of the origin of musical instruments, musical tale showing the world that are written specifically for them by contemporary comp/aosers, trained to create true works of art with their hands. Each child was left a memorable gift – a symbol of Art-parkING. The venue was the start of the marathon Suvorov Military School. Wednesday, 25th of July. 7pm.
The N. Rimsky-Korsakov Memorial Apartment
28 Zagorody prospect, St Petersburg
MUSICA BRITANNICA: 100 years of British Music
Chamber music concerts
Cyril Scott,  Ralph Vaughan Williams, York Bowen
Boris Barinov (viola)
Grigory Mordashov (flute)
Mikhail Mischenko (piano)